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1914 Re-confirmed! / Vitriol canceled


Surely you've all noticed that the line-up of some of the bigger festivals is going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment as far as cancellations and additions, especially of non-European bands, are concerned. The whole thing is due to the aftermath of the last two years and doesn't necessarily make it easier for bands and organisers to produce in the usual quality at the moment. Unfortunately, we are not completely spared and have to inform you at this point that Vitriol will not be able to perform at P.S:O:A 2022. Fortunately, things often turn out differently than you think, because we were able to unexpectedly win 1914 back for Party.San! With special permission from the government, the band is allowed to leave Ukraine and make up for the gig they thought was dead at this year's Party.San!